Two French Bands to add to your music rotation.

This past Thursday (October 6, 2011), I had a chance to catch Chateau Marmont & Revolver at The Prophet Bar in Dallas, TX as part of their “Voulez-Vous?” tour. So glad I went as both of these French bands put on an excellent show. I managed to take a bit of video for each band. It’s only from my mobile phone, so the quality is lower. Also, I couldn’t help but groove out to the music, so sorry for the shaky cam, heh, heh. 😉 I have also included a few snap shots, again the quality is to be desired, but at least some of the moments of this enjoyable experience were captured.

Revolver, who played first, is a delightful pop de chambre (chamber pop) band. Their music has been described as a bridge between pop and classical music or even the Renaissance or the Baroque and influence everything from Beatles to Bach, from Benjamin Britten to Elliot Smith.

Here is a video of them playing “Get Around Town”. ( Check out the Get Around Town – Official Video and Balulalow – Official Video)

Chateau Marmont was up next. This Space Pop/Rock band mesmerizes with its futuristic, airy, and rich tunes. Not too long ago, I posted Chateau Marmont’s video “Solar Apex” along with some other “outer-space” music videos for those interested in seeing more space inspired videos and music. Space. The Final Frontier. A Music Video Tribute.

Chateau Marmont performs “Solar Apex”. (Check out Chateau Marmont’s One Hundred Realities – Official Video)

I’d like to thank all of these gentleman again. Not only did they put on a great show, but they were very amicable to the audience. It was great to meet them all and to see them perform live. They still have some tour dates remaining and I suggest you check them out if they are near you.

Check out more links on Chateau Marmont and Revolver:

Live Review: Chateau Marmont, Revolver, Kelli’s Starlight Wishes at The Sunset

TOUR DATES CHATEAU MARMONT & REVOLVER US TOUR (Follow the Voulez-Vous? Tour Tumblr Page)

Revolver – Official Website

Chateau Marmont on Bancamp


Cover Songs that Wow You!

Sometimes a great song or good enough song gets covered by another musician/band that wows you with a new rendition of the original. Here are 3 songs with their covers that I can’t listen to enough.

“True Love Waits”  as done by Kevin J. Deal and the original by Radiohead.

“Psycho Killer” as performed by Bruce Lash and the original by Talking Heads.

“Guns of Brixton” as performed by Nouvelle Vague and the original by The Clash.

Beloved Capybara, Caplin Rous Remembered

“Fair daffodils, we weep to see / You haste away so soon: / As yet the early-rising sun / Has not attained his noon.” – Robert Herrick

It’s kind of difficult to know where to begin, so I will start with when I first discovered Caplin. It was a little less than a year ago when I discovered the Texas Rustlers Guinea Pig Rescue’s 5th Annual Hoedown. At the time, I had recently adopted two guinea pigs and was looking to find better options for them as far as bedding, cage material, and just gain some overall piggy knowledge. (Link to my original blog about this.) I discovered that Caplin Rous, the World’s Most Famous Capybara, would be making an appearance. I looked him up right away and immediately became spellbound. I couldn’t wait to meet him in person. When I did, he did not disappoint me. In fact, he delighted me even more! I fell in love with Caplin and Capybaras as have his many fans. He truly was an ambassador for all capys and I dare say all his fellow rodents. It has been a week since he passed away and the outpouring of condolences, love, good will, and friendliness he’s received on his Facebook fan page and blog will attest to his wonderful ability to spread love wherever he went. Many have expressed that they feel like Caplin was their own, even if they had never met him. I know when I learned of his passing, a week ago today, my heart leapt into my throat and my eyes immediately welled up with tears. How could he be gone? I was looking forward to following his adventures and the possibility of seeing him again. (He was recently on 20/20 Caplin’s appearance is at the end of the segment.) He was so special. Not just to his family, not just to his friends, not just to those whom he met, but to everybody who ever came across any of his stories. He had a magical ability that just captivated you. His owner, Melanie, has done a wonderful job of capturing the life and times of Caplin Rous for which I will always be thankful. Thank you for sharing Caplin with us. I know he will forever touch my life and that of many more.

Please take the time to click on this link and watch this video from the band CAPYBARA. They are a wonderful group and had the chance to make a video with Caplin in which he does a little singing. 🙂
CAPYBARA sings to a capybara. from mark harrison on Vimeo.

I love this photo I took of Caplin so patiently letting the children pet him when I met him.

Here is the last video posted of Caplin on his Youtube channel. He’s so adorable eating blueberries. Watch more Caplin videos and marvel at his cuteness and adventures.

Here’s another adorable video from when he was a baby:

Caplin loved yogurt! Caplin, about to chow down on some yogurt at the Hoedown:

Whatcha lookin’ at? Haven’t you ever seen a capy eat yogurt before? 😉

Caplin didn’t just inspire music videos! He also inspired capybara poetry. Please check out the poetry. I have a poem included as well: Capybara Poetry
Check out his whole blog while you are at it.

Also, please consider buying a Caplin Calendar or Capycopy, a plush animal made in Caplin’s likeness. Caplin’s family could use the help paying his final medical expenses and the charity in his name CaplinCharity will go to helping capybara’s receive veterinary care. Capybara Madness

The Great Rous and Me!

Autumn Falls Upon You While the Full Moon Lights Your Way.

Beautiful timing this year. Autumn, you always inspire me to reflect and this year the full moon is helping to shed light on the human condition even more so. Autumn seems to make us all turn our thoughts inward. We feel that edge of cold creeping in, and we cling to the warmth that lingers. Oh Fall Days, I welcome you!

The full moon rises behind The 1930 art deco sculpture ‘Spirit of Progress’ on the top of the former Montgomery Wards office building in Chicago. — PHOTO: AP

A very rough translation from Slovenian to English of this lovely song:

September alone when you go for a walk and they accompany the shadows of people lost
when the park is only a meeting with the trees that lead to type past the flower path
when autumn leaves can be harvested them and you pokrade prebedele memories of the night

September is for these things
September is that you take everything that is now gone

the perfume that you meet on the way, you ignore it even if they know
the kiss that means nothing, you take the word of the day or two

September is for these things
September is that you take everything hurts

if you hair počeše warm wind and these traces away from the face of foreign hands
if on a bench to sit back bird oblivion and you will not sing about eternity

And while it is ..


And here is one of my favorite Autumn Songs:

So Farewell Summer. However, you won’t be forgotten especially not in Texas. We will be experiencing an Indian Summer or its likes for sure.

Serge Gainsbourg and how he influences many things.

Serge Gainsbourg is probably my all time musical hero. Although there has been an increased awareness of his music over the past decade or so due to the Internet, not all people know his work. I share his music whenever I can and the music / pop culture products he has influenced either directly or indirectly.

Serge Gainsbourg by Simon Gane. Simon Gane’s Blog

Brett and Jemaine of Flight of the Conchords were surely influenced.

I like this update of Serge’s song “Je T’aime… Moi Non Plus.” It’s a great update of the song and Serge’s Melody Nelson videos.

Serge loved to write songs for female singers. This one was for France Gall.

April March redid “Laisse Tomber Les Filles” in French and English. The English version is known as “Chick Habit” for which March wrote the lyrics. You may recognize the song from the film “Quentin Tarantino’s Death Proof”.

The Flashbulb has the most modern rendition with this. It is also quite spirited.

The music we listen to, the clothes we wear.

I awoke this morning to learn from a friend’s status update that Mark Linkous had taken his own life.   I started thinking…

The human psyche is so complex, just when it appears that things are coming around or success is a sure thing, the tortured souls decide to end it leaving the rest of us wondering… We sing their accolades when they are gone, and lament about what could have been.  (Thinking of Alexander McQueen and Mark Linkous who both took their lives within a month of each other as well as some other talented individuals from the past and recent past.)

A beautiful video from Sparklehorse.

Mark Linkous at work.


Alexander McQueen Wins Top Design Award

Probably my favorite look from McQueen’s 2010 Pre-Fall Collection. (View other great looks here, Alexander McQueen’s Pre-Fall 2010 Collection: Love It Or Leave It? )
Probably my favorite look from McQueen's 2010 Pre-Fall Collection.