Cover Songs that Wow You!

Sometimes a great song or good enough song gets covered by another musician/band that wows you with a new rendition of the original. Here are 3 songs with their covers that I can’t listen to enough.

“True Love Waits”  as done by Kevin J. Deal and the original by Radiohead.

“Psycho Killer” as performed by Bruce Lash and the original by Talking Heads.

“Guns of Brixton” as performed by Nouvelle Vague and the original by The Clash.

May you continue to inspire us, Arthur Penn.

The legendary film, Bonnie and Clyde (1966)  directed by Penn and starring Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty, will always be one of my favorite films. Mr. Penn was a master at portraying social outsider themes and a man who stuck to his artistic principles.

Rest in Peace.

This film inspired a new generation with the story of Bonnie and Clyde and continues to do so with subsequent generations.

Arthur Penn and Faye Dunaway on the set of Bonnie and Clyde.

Me, being inspired by the real Bonnie Parker and Bonnie of 1966. 😉

Arthur Penn: A tribute to the ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ director by Chris Nashawaty

New York Times Piece on Arthur Penn

The sound of Winter.

I love the changing of seasons, and, though, winter can be the hardest for some, I still appreciate its beauty.  This year the Winter Solstice caused a bit of confusion as it’s normally celebrated on the 21st of December.  However, according to and, hundreds of pagans turned up at Stonehenge for the winter solstice… on the WRONG DAY. It turns out that today, December the 22nd, is actually the shortest day of the year. Whatever the case may be, it’s officially cold in much of the Northern Hemisphere.

Here’s a favorite Winter Song of mine to keep you warm.


Protected: The Creeps, The Ghoulies, The Demons, The Monsters and The Humor.

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I feel a fever, a sort of a rage, a zombie angst.

Zombies are making their resurgence this Fall, not that they have long been out. 😉  We seemed to be captivated by this “what-if/apocalyptic” scenario.  I just saw the Zombie Comedy with enough Horror Factor, Zombieland. Though, it doesn’t have the social commentary of films such as Night of the Living Dead (considered to be the birth of the modern zombie), Dawn of the Dead, nor 28 Days Later,  it is still a humorous new update on the human condition.   So, I must admit I have been bitten as well.  I’ve been listening to old zombie film music, and through my friend Cortney, I also discovered this site:

Zombieland Zombify Yourself

So, if I look like any of these renderings, I understand if you do what you have to for human self-preservation. (Photos of myself edited with Zombieland Zombify Yourself Tools and other techniques.)

Some Zombie Film And Zombie Tribute Music:

And just for fun:

Further Zombie Film Info:
A brief Zombie Movie History