Happy Birthday to One of My First Heroes as a Child, the Amazing Ballerina, Maria Tallchief.

In the fourth grade I found a book in my school’s library about the ballerina, Maria Tallchief. I was instantly enchanted with her story. In honor of her 87th birthday, I am posting this blog showing some of her beautiful photos and footage of her dancing. “Maria Tallchief is a world-renowned ballerina and one of the premiere (first-ranking) American ballerinas of all time. She was the first American to dance at the Paris Opera and has danced with the Paris Opera Ballet, the Ballet Russe, and the Balanchine Ballet Society, later renamed the New York City Ballet.” –¬†Read more: Maria Tallchief Biography – life, family, name, school, mother, young, old, information, born, college http://www.notablebiographies.com/St-Tr/Tallchief-Maria.html#ixzz1kPPRn6Hc

Maria started dancing at an early age:


Maria Tallchief with the New York City Ballet:

Perhaps one of her most famous photos.

Such a beauty.

Maria married George Balanchine one of the 20th century’s most famous choreographers, a developer of ballet in the United States and the co-founder and balletmaster of New York City Ballet. Balanchine wrote several of his most famous works for her and she helped create the New York City Ballet where she danced as Prima Ballerina.

Balanchine and Tallchief rehearsing.

Footage of Maria Tallchief’s most famous performances in Balanchine’s “Firebird” and “Sylvia.”

More Balanchine Choreography.

Maria and her sister Marjorie who was also a prominent ballerina.

Maria Tallchief dancing “The Dying Swan” as Ana Pavlova in “Million Dollar Mermaid” 1952.

1966 Television Performance of ¬†“Allegro Brillante”.

Maria Tallchief is made a member of the state’s (Oklahoma) ambassador corps by Gov. Henry Bellmon:

Read more: http://ndepth.newsok.com/five-indian-ballerinas#ixzz1kPTKhqve


A more recent photo.

More reading on Maria Tallchief:

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