The sound of Winter.

I love the changing of seasons, and, though, winter can be the hardest for some, I still appreciate its beauty.  This year the Winter Solstice caused a bit of confusion as it’s normally celebrated on the 21st of December.  However, according to and, hundreds of pagans turned up at Stonehenge for the winter solstice… on the WRONG DAY. It turns out that today, December the 22nd, is actually the shortest day of the year. Whatever the case may be, it’s officially cold in much of the Northern Hemisphere.

Here’s a favorite Winter Song of mine to keep you warm.



Protected: I needed a laugh! Perhaps you will laugh at these images too. :)

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Protected: The Creeps, The Ghoulies, The Demons, The Monsters and The Humor.

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I feel a fever, a sort of a rage, a zombie angst.

Zombies are making their resurgence this Fall, not that they have long been out. 😉  We seemed to be captivated by this “what-if/apocalyptic” scenario.  I just saw the Zombie Comedy with enough Horror Factor, Zombieland. Though, it doesn’t have the social commentary of films such as Night of the Living Dead (considered to be the birth of the modern zombie), Dawn of the Dead, nor 28 Days Later,  it is still a humorous new update on the human condition.   So, I must admit I have been bitten as well.  I’ve been listening to old zombie film music, and through my friend Cortney, I also discovered this site:

Zombieland Zombify Yourself

So, if I look like any of these renderings, I understand if you do what you have to for human self-preservation. (Photos of myself edited with Zombieland Zombify Yourself Tools and other techniques.)

Some Zombie Film And Zombie Tribute Music:

And just for fun:

Further Zombie Film Info:
A brief Zombie Movie History

Make Me a SuperHero

I found this great site through my friend Matthieu to play around with the concept of, “What if I was a SuperHero?”
The Hero Factory

Here are some of my favorites I came up with. I used myself as a model for most of them. 😉

A token Male SuperHero with an overly Suggestive Name.

The titles of the “comic book issue” were automatically generated based on choices one selected, thus, some were better than others!

Just because this kind of fits (old release now):

Stream The New Flaming Lips album “Embryonic” – only a few more hours left as of Monday 1:34am CST ~ I really enjoyed this! Thanks Colbert Report!

My Life as a Spy.

Living my life
on the
Keen Eyes
Your History
Your Mystery
The Intrigue
Human Mind.
Do you deserve to die?
Is your message just a lie?
A little closer
A little further
Taking a thrilling ride
Glimpses of
Truth / Intention
Into another scene
where you may
or you may
in any case it’s
the life
of a
and this is your
Secret Mission.
~ The Photoetrist aka LJF

Img by The Photoetrist

Img by The Photoetrist

Info on Spy Music:

Listen to Spy Music on Secret Agent(Listen to Soma’s other stations too.)

Ah, Brazil! How I love your music

Watched a great documentary from BBC about Brazilian music.

Brasil, Brasil
“Filmed at Brazil’s massive carnival celebrations, in the lawless favelas, the extraordinary maracatu ceremonies of the northern countryside, and in the music clubs of Salvador and Rio, these three, hour-long films chronicle Brazilian music from the birth of samba right through to the hip-hop, baile and funk scenes.”

I highly suggest viewing the website about this documentary. It is a great companion to the documentary and in general quite informative on Brazilian music.

The stories here are so inspiring. Not that hardships and life’s existence weren’t dealt with in music in other countries, but Brazil’s music largely centers on its people – where they were/are, what they were/are going through, their hopes and dreams. Art at its best – changing the world. The music has had a great impact in many other countries for several generations with many modern musicians citing various Brazilian music such as Bossa Nova and Tropicália as great influences upon their work. Legends such as Carmen Miranda, Joao Gilberto, Tom Jobim, Chico Buarque, Elis Regina, Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil, and Os Mutantes are movingly covered with interviews of the artists that were still around when the documentary was made (released in 2007.)

Some of my favorite Brazilian Music:

(The words to this are so beautiful and poetic.)

And more recently,