Shopping List Music en Français.

I’ve come across a few shopping list songs that I adore!

Les Cornichons by Nino Ferrer

Foux du Fafa by Flight of the Conchords

Zooom! by Sukia off the compilation Pop Romantique.(Slide show fan video I created for this track.)


Space. The Final Frontier. A Music Video Tribute.

Us earthlings have a fascination with space. Artists, writers, film makers and musicians continually turn to space for inspiration. Lately, I’ve been on a kick of watching music videos with great music and space travel. Here is a selection for your listening and viewing enjoyment.

I had to include this as it so fits in with the theme of this entry.  “I’ll Sleep When I Die” by Daniel Perez:

“Four Three” by All India Radio:

“Solar Apex” by Chateau Marmont:

“Pump Up the Volume” by M|A|R|R|S:


***This blog is also dedicated to NASA’s last Shuttle launch today.

On the evening of your 103rd birthday, Frida…

Many are thinking of you
The Google Doodle

Features your likeness
and my mind
keeps going back to
your life
the spinal injury you occurred

that reminds me of mine
your pursuit to push on
your endeavors
to accomplish
what women had not done
your ancestry
your anger
your depression
your love
your passion,
Signora Kahlo
you keep on giving…


Bored? – Try some simple photo editing fun.

I found this site through my friend Dylan. It’s a simple way to edit your photos with some cool results. You can then have it made into t-shirts, coffee mugs, key chains, etc.

Here are some edits I did:

Chaos Jane (a.k.a. Calamity Jane)

From an original photo I took:

Pop-Art-Bighorn (from an original photo by me.)