Who is Lady J. Fingertips a.k.a The Photoetrist?

I am The Photoetrist a.k.a. Lady J. Fingertips.  I write poetry, get in front of and behind the camera, make observations, share art/videos/music/words, and generally promote the good I come across.  I am interested in sharing ideas and new concepts with people from all over the world.   Je parle francais.  Parlo un po’ di italiano.

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Some favorite art movements:

  • Surrealism
  • Dadaism
  • Cubism
  • Modernism
  • Post-Modernism

Favorite Artists from the Past:

Chagal, Dali, Picasso, Picabia etc.

Picasso’s The Old Guitarist

Chagall’s The Birthday

Francis Picabia’s L’Oeil:

Favorite Artists Presently Working:

Duane Kirby Jensen, Jeff Frank, Aaron Kraten, Luc Langois, Myke Adams, Jon Carling, Lou Patrou, Aunia Kahn, Esao Andrews, and many wonderful artists who have depicted me.

Lady J. Fingertips by Duane Kirby Jensen:

Music that has inspired me:

Pow! Serge!

    • Serge Gainsbourg
    • Philippe Katerine
    • Francoise Hardy
    • Bertrand Burgalat
    • Boards of Canada
    • Beta Band
    • Bexarametric
    • Black Moth Super Rainbow
    • Blonde Redhead
    • DJ Shadow
    • Telefon Tel Aviv
    • Digable Planets
    • Manu Chao
    • Nightmares on Wax
    • Magnetic Fields
    • Solex
    • Sam Prekop
    • Serpentina Satellite
    • The Sea and Cake
    • Ulrich Schnauss
    • Autour de Lucie
    • Stereolab
    • Stereo Total
    • Air
    • Air Miami
    • Unrest
    • Flin Flon
    • Bonobo
    • Jon Kennedy
    • Up, Bustle & Out
    • DJ Rudy
    • Ben Neill
    • Naim Amor
    • Röyksopp
    • Múm
    • Jazzanova
    • Olivia Tremor Control
    • Luke Vibert (Wagon Christ)
    • Yo La Tengo
    • Caetano Veloso
    • Os Mutantes

  • The Books
  • The Flashbulb
  • The Aklamate
  • M83
  • Zero 7
  • Lemon Jelly
  • Brazilian Girls
  • Minus 8
  • Cento Valley
  • Cybophonia
  • Audio Lotion
  • Proof of Concept
  • Mr. Alfa
  • Mr. Scruff
  • DJ Cam
  • Quanitc
  • Blockhead
  • Broadcast
  • Goldfrapp
  • De-Phazz
  • Gotan Project
  • Orbital
  • and of course anything that stirs my soul or my body to move.

Movies that have influenced me over the  years:

    • Red Desert


    • Belle de Jour
    • Raise the Red Lantern
    • Y tu mama tambien
    • That Obscure Object of Desire


    • Almost Famous
    • Kill Bill (1 & 2)
    • American Splendor
    • Frida
    • The Virgin Suicides
    • Solyaris


  • Solaris (2002)
  • Lost in Translation
  • The Dream Life of Angels
  • Jesus’s Son
  • The Prestige
  • Elizabeth R
  • The Fountain
  • La Vie en Rose
  • The Wicker Man (Original – 1973)

Poets and Writers that have influenced me:

    • Seamus Heaney
    • Saul Williams
    • Saskia Hamilton
    • Langston Hughes
    • Verlaine
    • Blaise Cendrars
    • Annie Proulx
    • Stephen Graham Jones
    • John Kennedy Toole
    • Grant Morrison (comics)

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7 responses to “Who is Lady J. Fingertips a.k.a The Photoetrist?

  1. I found you by searching two of my favorite things: Mark Linkous and Dr. ROUS. I’d like to keep reading if you can provide me with the code. I don’t blog or I would reciprocate, but you can ask me anything or find me on facebook.

  2. Lady J
    Lovely influences – only Ted Hughes missing – and the odd film – I am a poet and try to remain so behind the camera. i produced a cloud photograph/poetry collection some years ago but it is sadly out of print or I would share it with you.

    http://youtu.be/8_Kuc7tDdK8 This is a video to go with my Love Thing with ancient footage of dancers..

    David x

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