On The Shoulders of Giants Part II: Amazing Female Vocalists/Musicians

I was so sad to find out that Trish Keenan of Broadcast passed away 11 days ago.  Her voice was so amazing and unique. Her lyrics were not your typical love fare.  She truly was mesmerizing.  I felt a void in my musical heart.  I kept thinking to myself, there has to be something new. This can’t be it.  Please let there be new music to inspire me.  The musical world answered my cries for help in the form of First Aid Kit.  Trish Keenan will never be replaced, but I was very happy to discover Johanna and Klara Söderberg. These two sisters are absolutely amazing!  They site Fleet Foxes, another awesome band,  as a major influence.  Klara and Johanna describe themselves as making Focal Music (Folk and Vocal).  That, they certainly are!  They produce lovely ballads that are so full of emotion. Although, I don’t know of them siting Broadcast as an influence and the fact that they stay more towards the folk side of music, I can’t help but find a similarity. Such passionate vocals with deep lyrics and a tendency towards dream pop.

Music Lives On, Music Inspires Us, Music Connects Us!

Thank you Trish Keenan and Broadcast for musically enriching my life. Trish’s work will keep living on and inspiring.

Their Fleet Foxes Cover that got these two young ladies noticed!

Check out this interview with live performance mixed in.  Johanna and Klara are talented and wise beyond their years. First Aid Kit – 10.22.2010 at Rockwood Music Hall


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