On the Shoulders of Giants Part I: Lovable Rodents

Caplin Rous’s passing had me looking through some old photos of my little Roborovski Hamster, Thumbelina.  I found some old video of her that I hadn’t seen in a while.  Caplin has had quite a few appearances in videos both directly and in ones done by fans.  His energy inspired me to do this video edit honoring my little love’s memory. Caplin was a giant rodent and Thumbelina was as the story goes, only the size of a thumb.   Despite and because of their sizes they were both amazing creatures with lots of  joy to share. Even though I’m quite the amateur at this, I still had a lot of fun with it and can still feel Caplin’s and Thumbelina’s happy energy.



Tiny Thumbelina and her adorable face.



Caplin Rous stands on his hind legs for a popsicle. Photo from Caplin's Flickr Page.

*** I always found him eating popsicles to be very cute!





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