Mecanica Celeste = Esperanza

Oh, how I would like
to write a Glorious
review that All
would just die to read,
but I feel, that,
alas, it will not transpire.
It would be – not – fitting.
This Album Inspires Poetry,
Mecanica Celeste = Esperanza
The Serpentine Influence
Orbiting ’round my mind.
Psychedelic Spiritual Sounds
Do you want to be transported
to another Time? another Dimension ?
– and Light Abounds –
Imaginez quel Bonheur ce sera de Voir…

I am Resurrected ~ Alleluja ~

(…and, thus, I hope I have truly given my review.) – LJF – Photoetrinsically speaking.

Listen to: SERPENTINA SATELITE – MECANICA CELESTE new record sampler

Album Art


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