I Pet a Real R.O.U.S. (Rodent of Unusual Size)

I recently attended the Texas Rustlers Guinea Pig Rescue’s Fifth Annual Hoedown! “Why,” you ask? I  adopted two guinea pigs, Coco and Mel, who have made me realize how great cavies (guinea pigs) are. The whole event was catered to making these little creatures lives better. They had health screenings, nail trims, and all sorts of products that were well thought out for these creatures. Most pet stores don’t sell supplies that are really designed for these animals. Coco and Mel were recipients of a new cage based on supplies obtained at the Hoedown. In addition, this group was also fostering other exotic animals such as hamsters. This is how I originally came to the decision that I should adopt guinea pigs. I had a teeny-tiny Roborovoski Hamster named Thumbelina. She made me aware of what great little companions these creatures make. She passed away about a year ago and I still miss her sweet, little self. However, her happy spirit led me to Coco and Mel, and I am devoted to making their lives the best they can be. Texas Guinea Pig Rustlers have also helped in this endeavor for which I am thankful. Plus, they had a guest celebrity appearance by Caplin Rous! He’s a Capybara – the largest living rodent in the world! He was such a gentle giant and is related to guinea pigs.

A couple of photos of Thumbelina my little Robo:

Coco and Mel, my cavies/guinea pigs:



Caplin Rous

More on Caplin Rous:
Caplin Rous, the world’s most famous capybara, is an ambassador for giant rodents everywhere.


6 responses to “I Pet a Real R.O.U.S. (Rodent of Unusual Size)

  1. I love Capy!! I think I have decided to look more into a guinea for myself as a pet. I have a cat and two dogs now so the guinea may have to wait a while. Future pet idea.
    Cute guys you have. You are licky that you git to pet Caplin and see him up close. I think he is adorable.

    • I was luck to meet him. Glad I had the privilege! Guinea Pigs are great little pets. The site I linked has a lot of information on how to properly care for them.

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