The music we listen to, the clothes we wear.

I awoke this morning to learn from a friend’s status update that Mark Linkous had taken his own life.   I started thinking…

The human psyche is so complex, just when it appears that things are coming around or success is a sure thing, the tortured souls decide to end it leaving the rest of us wondering… We sing their accolades when they are gone, and lament about what could have been.  (Thinking of Alexander McQueen and Mark Linkous who both took their lives within a month of each other as well as some other talented individuals from the past and recent past.)

A beautiful video from Sparklehorse.

Mark Linkous at work.


Alexander McQueen Wins Top Design Award

Probably my favorite look from McQueen’s 2010 Pre-Fall Collection. (View other great looks here, Alexander McQueen’s Pre-Fall 2010 Collection: Love It Or Leave It? )
Probably my favorite look from McQueen's 2010 Pre-Fall Collection.


3 responses to “The music we listen to, the clothes we wear.

  1. Some say that the suicide problem with anti-depressants is not because they cause a condition that leads to suicide, but that when a deeply depressed person feels well enough to take action rather than being frozen in place, they have enough energy to take the initiative before they really feel better.

    I sometimes think the only thing that kept me alive last winter was the thought of Ana crying because of what she had done to me.

    I still miss Natalie and think of her every time I drive to work in The Woodlands.

    In college, I once slammed a door behind me after a fellow student made light of the suicide of a professor’s son.



  2. suicide itself is complex even in light of human complexity. there are those who live their entire lives deciding to live on a daily basis. all it takes is one day that the chips fall differently. and it isn’t much of a fall…..

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