Magnificent Creatures

Some of you have already seen my Wyoming photos from my recent trip. I feel these guys got left out of the mix of attention due to online formatting and getting pushed down in live feeds.

These trout that are fed by tourists of Sinks Canyon are fat and happy. They are protected as they are in a National Park. Otherwise, they would be long gone as they are a fisherman’s dream!

(These were taken 30-50 ft up from where the fish were actually at.)


I had the wonderful chance to meet this Bighorn Sheep on two different occasions. On the first, day my camera’s batteries had died, but I caught him with my cell phone camera. He was right by where people come to feed the fish of Sinks Canyon. The cabin/house he is by now belongs to the National Park, but at one point in time my mother lived there with her parents.

Lazy day, eating grass.

Check out those horns!

On the second day, I was driving up by the Nature/Visitor’s Center when he decided it was time to cross the road. All of traffic stopped for this majestic creature. He crossed right in front of some people who were on bikes in front of the car my sister, nephew, and I were in. I am so glad he made an appearance on this second day as I got to snap some other photos of him! I look closer than I am. (People should not approach these animals. Though usually peaceful, they can be dangerous.)


This Big Horn has become famous in the area! 😉
(Not my video.)


One response to “Magnificent Creatures

  1. This reminds me a bit of the aggressive behavior I witnessed in my encounter with a Big horn sheep in the Grand Canyon which resulted in me breaking my arm as I fled.

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